Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shining star, jingle bell!

Oh heyyyy everyone! Hey. So can you even believe how long ago Thanksgiving was?? No, I can't believe it! I've been sooo busy, what with the cloob-hopping, and the Project Roonways. By the way, the season has been getting better and better as more and more people are eliminated so Joshie gets more screen time! You go, Joosh! I mean, give me the break, just let Josh win the whole thing and call it early! Why drag it on with Uli and Poofyhair-bowtie-man??

So anyway, this was SO NOT my point. My point is, this Thanksgiving I was running around the house, crying, being charming as usual, and everyone was ignoring me! It made me think, goosh, what do I have to be thankful for? the scraps of dry turkey that family that lives with me would throw me from the table?? No! Everything I have in my life, I earned! Including my soulful spirit and my champion good looks.

But then I looked at the Thanksgiving Twitter tweets coming from all my fellow celebs Lady Gaga and Poof Daddy and Mila Jovokojoke, and they were all being thankful or giving a thank for this or that, and I thought, hey, even if you're naturally beautiful, like me, you should still give thanks! It was like that part of the Grinch, except with Twitter.
So I made a list of things I was thankful for and I waited until the next major holiday to release it. And guess what guys, Christmas already happened and I MISSED POOSTING! Hoh nooo! Well, I'm doing it anyway.

So here's what I'm thankful for:
  1. Me Myself and I: first and foremost, me, for all the upkeep I have to do to keep myself most beautiful. If I don't look out for myself, no one will! Except Rizzo sometimes when I'm tired.
  2. The people that pour my milk everyday: I don't know any of their names, but what would I do without my beauty milk?? How would I get my strong bones and shiny cooat? It dooes a boody goood! My one complaint: how have they not gotten me my own Got Milk ad yet?? Sooch a wasted opportunity.
  3. Tyra Banks: for finally bringing Bryan Boy the recognition he deserves!
  4. NOT Fergie: stop cooping up Joosh Duhamel already! Let him spread his wings and talent and fly!
I think that's everything. Okay guys, toodles oontil the New Year! Be happy and safe and keep poosting comments!

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