Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm going for a whole new style!!

What’s that? The pooblic is begging me for another bloog? Well that’s to be expected.

Well, adoring fans you’re in for quite the little treat today! Because if you remember, that a few poosts ago I was all mopey with all the cold and the mooshy cereal? Remember?! Yea well nothing says pick me up like some retail therapy! At the beauty parlor! It’s a thing. Anyway, me myself and my personal stylist (that I have) took the whole afternoon experimenting with a whole new look!!! So this time, more than a ‘by-the-books’ bloog, it’s more like an art gallery. Prepare to be moved and inspired.

So here’s just me—NO make-up, no NOTHING! OMG I can’t believe I’m showing this! That’s just how confident I am people.

Here I tried out some luscious locks by Jessica Simpson brand extensions. I liked them, but goosh people, can’t you just see what the pooparootzi would say? “Jooey trying to be Jessica” “Who’s this? Jooey or Jessica?” “Hello, Jooey, Jessica already did that look a million years ago”

Besides. I’m not a bloonde! I have a deeper more sultry and mysterious side! A side that calls for purple pig-tails! Oookay, I know what you’re saying pooblic—“Too sexy! Pull back! The boys are only thinking about one thing!” Well THANK YOU, Pooblic. You’re so right.

So I decided to go with a happy middle-ground place! Sultry yet still vibing off Jessica! So this is going to be my every day look. But how to hide from the pooparootzi?! Obviously, stupid pooblic, with accessories. Don’t you people know anything!?

So here is my hide from the poopz look. DON’T remember this look—I just wanna be like everyone else! And also enjoy my non-fat no whip choca-mocha soy latte! And with this look I can do both. You get the best of both worlds! Omg, I just got what Miley was talking about all those years. Soo wise.

Then I have Sunday brunch with the girls... Well, Rizzo, anyway. Had to pick out something fab-u-lous to let them (him) know I’m still the best out in the group (of just us)! Here’s what I went with. I title it ‘Effortless Elegance’ Wow. I mean, wooow. Moved yet, pooblic?

Ooh my goosh. Well that’s about it for today. Just KIDDING! Of course there’s the big finale! Well the family I let live with me is having this big Christmas party for some other people that used to live with them blah blah. I wasn’t that clear on the details. Anyway a big fancy party and of course you know who is at the top of the guest list? Moi! So said stylist and I had to find something extra special. And I’m pretty sure we did just that. I can’t wait to see all the faces of those people I don’t know when I come walking thru the door dripping in pearls! And a tiara.

Wow, Joey—WHAT a finale! Amaaaazing! I did it again!!!! Leave lots of comments below! Which look is your fave? Don’t you think I look better than Jessica as a bloonde? Which look do you think Joshua would like best?

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