Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fashions Most Influential Blooger-- ME!

Hey Pooblic. I’m back with another bloog! Lucky yooou!
Well for those of you who are keeping up with Project Runways All-stars Season 2 and my beautiful Joshua, thank you all for the love and support. It means the world to us. (Cheers for Joshua for being best as always even though the joodges hardly look at him. Your time to shine will come, Joshie! Jeers to the new All-Stars hostess for talking to the contestants like they’re retarted. Could she speak any slower?! God! I’m losing years just listening to her! I’ll be coompletely white by the end of the series!

No! Shut up! Onto the real topic! When not watching Joshua, I also watch other important shows! Like America’s Next Top Model: College Edition. Well this season is all new and wacky crazy style! Who would expect less from Tyra. She’s so unpredictable! Like me! So yea, the biggest and most wacky crazy of the new style are the new judges and judging style. First of all the big desk is gone, second of all, all the people sitting behind it are different!!!

It took a little getting used to, but I think it soon became very clear to me as well as the rest of America who the new breakout star of ANTM:CE is.

You KNOW I’m talking about fashion's most influencial blogger Bryanboy!!! Haven’t you heard of him?

I think he was a bit shy to start. In the beginning he really was just doing his job and giving the feedback of the social media score. But as the series went on he really let go and just started saying his own opinion like the judge he should be! He hardly even commented on the social media thing! Yea, you go Bryanboy! Halfway through the show he rolled his eyes when his favorite girl left and some other poo-poo stuck around, making the poo-poo cry and all the girls think he’s a total unprofess biotch. I say right on, brother! It’s always so “would the industry like her?” “can she make it in the business?” It should be more “that was my favorite girl! She needs to stay!” Someone tell Tyra. So obviously if he doesn’t get renewed for the next million cycles I’ll be devastated and confused. Why would I want to see some low-resolution videos of teenagers saying fiece this and smize that when I could listen to Bryanboy’s completely bias and, might I add, wise opinion.

Ciao for now! See you in Cycle 20, Bryanboy!

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